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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

         Cook Stove $5.00 : from uncle808us  
         Please buy It from my store:

Product Description: Included:Objects: 3  1. Stove 2. Burner 3. Door_Handle  
The Door and burner are separate objects so they can be moved independently.
door open closed. Burner (lifted and moved).  Textures included, transparency map
for door(peephole).1024x1024. And Templates
Textures This product uses image maps for textures. 
All Textures and templates are 1024X1024
File Format: Wavefront obj :This product contains: only obj files.
Polygon Count: 38144   approx   Vertices: 38243   approx 
UV mapped (non-overlapping).Quads. Scaled for Poser figures.

High quality 3D models for a low price 
I always try to keep my prices low so everyone can afford the models. 
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