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Monday, July 29, 2013

Do your Poser People have back problems from all that Posing?
Maybe they should see the Chiropractor ! Well Here's the table.
from uncle808us :$5.00 ChiropractorTable

Please buy from my store:

High quality 3D models for a low price 
I always try to keep my prices low so everyone can afford the models. 

Product Description: 
Included: Readme.txt  ChiropractorTable.jpg 
ChiropractorTableReflect.jpg  ChiropractorTableTemplate.Jpg
Objects:  ChiropractorTableFoot.obj  ChiropractorTableHead.obj
Scaled for Poser Figures. Wavefront Obj format.
Moveable Head,  Moveable Foot. Adjust origin in Poser.

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