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Friday, February 6, 2015

Book New 4Sale 3D model

Product Description: Three object Book model 
1. Closed Book
2.Open Book lying up with text.
3. Open book lying pages down cover up.
Included 3 objects, 
2 Templates : 1. Cover Template 2.Open Book for Text Template 
All textures. 1024X1024  
Models are all Quads UV mapped (non-overlapping)
Software Compatibility :   Any software that will import Wavefront object files. 
Tested in : Poser Pro 2012   Scaled for Poser figures.
System Compatibility :  PC/MAC Compatible
This product uses image maps for textures. 1024 x 1024
Template if included : 1024 x 1024
File Format: Wavefront obj :This product contains: only obj files.
Polygon Count : 2076   approx   Vertices : 2118  approx 
Closed Book Polygon Count : 974  approx   Vertices : 964  approx 
Open Book Polygon Count : 556  approx   Vertices : 572  approx 

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