Friday, June 26, 2015


The new place is nice. We will be very happy here. Now to unpack. Should only take about a year.😜

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Anime Studio wins!

Anime Studio wins! I spent all day trying to make a vector image of a cartoon wedge of cheese, Using Inkscape, and the trial software of Affinity Designer, trying to connect nodes for different line objects was a no go in both programs. Went into Anime Studio Pro 11 and within 5 minutes and the auto  weld turned on. Bang cheese done. Hummm. Guess the vector software I will end up using is Anime studio.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Annapolis Coffee with a cop!

It’s getting scary to live in Annapolis.
Crimes this month
The adult male victim reported that a man approached him near his apartment building and demanded his cell phone.  The victim refused to give up his phone and the suspect punched the victim.  Two more male suspects approached displaying handguns.
The adult male victim was walking into his apartment building when five male suspects ran up to him and entered the stairwell with him.  One of the suspects displayed a handgun and another, a knife.  
another robbery in Bayridge
Scary Stuff!
Over 5 burglaries!
3 shootings!
Thats June and it’s only the 16th.
I don’t think Coffee with a Cop is the answer!
Coffee with a Cop
Join us for the next Coffee with a Cop today, Tuesday, June 16th at Zu Coffee on Bay Ridge Road near the Giant.  Drop in anytime between 8am and 10am to meet your local cops.  Ask questions or just say hi, no RSVP required.  Questions?  Contact Corporal Amy Miguez at 410-268-9000 ext. 7261 or

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Practice Practice Practice!

Slowly still studying and learning Music,3d modeling and animation as well as 2D animation and graphics vector and bit. Keeps me busy all day into the night.
Plus I 'm in the middle of moving to Betsy's and my new love nest. Alone at last....❤️🎎

Friday, June 5, 2015

Wipe Dispenser

Wipe Dispenser :  from uncle808us
Product Description: 
FBX and Poser PP2 file. Poser users import into Poser as Poser Prop .pp2 
from Poser folder included. 
To un-see  the wipe open wipe in properties and un-check visible. 
Included :   All Quads UV mapped (non-overlapping)
Software Compatibility :   Any software that will import FBX or .pp2 files. 
Tested in : Poser Pro 2012 Poser 10  Scaled for Poser figures.
System Compatibility :  PC/MAC Compatible
Textures Included : This product uses image maps for textures. 1024 x 1024
Template if included : 1024 x 1024
File Format: FBX and Poser .pp2
Polygon Count :  15902    approx   Vertices :  15919  approx 

I always try to keep my prices low so everyone can afford the
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